4 Myths about Golf Balls – A Short Guide on Different Golf Ball Principles and Facts

For novice golfers and those curious about the sport of golf, there are some misconceptions that could affect their interest and performance in the game. Like other aspects of the game, golf balls have myths as well. Here are some myths about these balls and the truth about these misconceptions.

Myth 1: The most expensive balls are the best ones

ballsThere is a common notion that the most expensive products are the best ones. While some expensive products are high quality products due to the materials used, this rule doesn’t apply for golf balls. Usually, the most expensive balls are four-piece or three-piece balls made of multiple layers of different materials. But these balls can only be good for experienced golfers who know well how to use them. For starters, the best type of golf ball would be the two-piece golf ball. When hit, a two-piece golf ball can fly at a great distance without giving an amateur a hard time.

The price tag is not an accurate measure of the best golf ball. Rather, a better yardstick of a golf ball’s efficiency is the golfer’s skill and preference. For beginners who usually lose their balls during their practice sessions, it is suggested that they use cheaper balls or expendable ones as there is a risk that these balls would get lost in the water or other parts of the golf course.

Myth 2: A golf ball that spins well is a great ball

Professional golfers look awesome every time they make their balls spin, but for amateur golfers, spinning balls don’t assure them of a win. Rather than focus on golf balls with high spin rates, a player should buy a ball that is best suited to his golf skills. For instance, if you can’t control that spinning ball to go close to the hole, it won’t matter at all. Instead, buy a golf ball that is easy to hit and launch.

Myth 3: A golf ball used by a golf star is a ball worth having

Buying and using a certain golf ball used by golf stars like Tiger Wood won’t assure you of a good play. Golf athletes like Woods have the right skills necessary to swing and spin such balls. Just because golf stars use extremely expensive three-piece golf balls does not that you should use the same balls as well. Such balls require a lot of golf spinning talent and exceptional swing skills. Unless you have the same golf prowess of a golf superstar, you would be better off buying two-piece balls or even used balls that are still in tip top shape. Doing so would save you a lot of money and help you hone your golf skills at an appropriate pace.

Myth 4: The compression rate of a golf ball is an extremely important factor in distance.

Although a golf ball’s compression rate can contribute to its range, it is not a main factor in distance. In a way, the compression rate simply shows how hard or soft the ball is and the how much it deforms upon getting hit by a club. Generally, a high compression ball can tolerate a fast swing as it would deform less and have a more accurate air trajectory. But a golf ball travels at a greater distance mainly due to the swing of the player and the speed of the club head. As such, it is only a factor, and players shouldn’t make a ball’s compression rate the main consideration for buying a golf ball.

The four myths above are only a few of the misconceptions about golf balls. Nevertheless, the corrections to these myths can help give novice golfers and those interested in the sport a clear idea of the qualities of a great golf ball.

Ways to Get Challenge Coins

coinAll the stories regarding the origin of challenge coins refer to one organization as the first users of such coins. The deemed first givers and users of these coins were Ancient Roman warriors, American soldiers, Filipino guerillas, and so on – all of which were part of one organization: the military.Nowadays, a lot of retired and currently serving men of the US military received at least one challenge coin in their lifetime. A challenge coin is being rewarded as a symbol of a military man’s bravery and the government’s gratitude towards his services.
Some military men who received these coins gave their coins to anyone they preferred. Usually, their families inherit them. Others passed their coins to young military men they thought to be deserving of their challenge coins. Even the most powerful men in the US, the former and current presidents, acquire coins as given by some retired military men.

From the military, the coin tradition is now being observed by other branches in the government of several countries. Aside from government branches, some non-governmental organizations are awarded with specially made coins which would serve as their proof of membership.

Some recipients of challenge coins later on became coin collectors. These days, coin collectors come from different walks of life. If you are looking for a new hobby, you may want to try collecting different kinds of coins. There are various ways for you to acquire a challenge coin.

Inherit from your older relatives who served the military.
This one could be the easiest way to get a challenge coin. You can even get your coins for free. All you have to do is ask nicely. If this one’s impossible, you can try the other ways below.

Join an organization of your interest.
Most organizations offer proof of membership and identification to their members. The most common of which is ID cards. Some have customized shirts and other merchandise. Members of a few organizations get their organizations’ coins.
Joining an organization is not an assurance of acquiring a challenge coin. To be sure, ask first if they are offering coins to members. However, when you are looking for an organization to join, don’t depend your decision solely on whether or not they offer a challenge coin. Base it on your interest. After a while, you may request to have a coin for your organization if you actively participated and if you are passionate about your group’s advocacies.

Join and participate in the events held by a coin collectors’ organization.
If coin collection is all you wanted, then join an organization for such. You will learn more about coin collection once you become a part of a coin collectors’ group. Aside from the kinds of coins worth collecting, you will gain and share information as to where and how to claim certain challenge coins.
Leaders of a coin collectors’ organization often reward coins to members who attended and participated in group meetings and events. You may also get coins by trading with fellow avid coin collectors. Some have two or more similar coins that they are willing to trade. You can grab the chance and trade whatever coins you have but know the value of your coins so you won’t be tricked with a less-valued coin or coins.

Buy and trade.
Dedicated collectors go beyond the economical ways. They resort to coin purchases. Coins/cash are exchanged with coins.
This could be the priciest if you don’t know where and how to make a good deal. You can buy collectible coins from certain stores. You can try buying from a former military man but don’t push your luck; it may be mistaken as an insult. To make it more manageable, you may look for traders or sellers online.

Join the military and serve the country.
Acquiring an additional challenge coin to your collection is satisfying. But among the ways to acquire a challenge coin, earning it the hard, traditional way offers the most rewarding feeling.
Joining the military for the sake of getting challenge coins is a silly idea but there’s another way that’s sillier than that. You can run for president. If you won, you will be given a specially made challenge coin.